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The race start is at the Molesworth Cob Cottage:

To drive to the start from Blenheim, take SH 1 and travel 22 km south from Blenheim. Then turn west (i.e. right) at the Awatere Road intersection. Drive 87 km up to the race start at the Cottage. A large part of this is a metal road and total travel time from Blenheim is 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Camping at the DOC camping area Cob Cottage will be permitted (at no charge) on the night prior to this event. You need a tent or a campervan. There are long drop toilets and portaloos only. No bookings required.

To drive to the start from Christchurch via Hanmer Springs, you need to drive through Molesworth Station on the evening of Friday 18th November or the morning of Saturday 19th November (Race Day). This will take about 2 1/2 hours. The road is open to the public.

Race Distances and Course Description:

Leg 1 – 20 km:

From the Molesworth Gate it starts with a short sharp undulating run, corners and steep pulls leading up to Wards Pass, then steady zig-zag up to summit. Summit Ward Pass is at 1145 m. Then a steep descent into Isolated Flat and the Acheron River Bridge. Flat open country, excellent running to Saxon River Bridge. Similar country through to end of leg one at sign post west end of Isolated Flat. There are portaloos at the change-over point.

Leg 2 – 22 km:

300 m of flat road before a steady climb to summit of Isolated Saddle. From Isolated Saddle an easy downhill to Red Gate turn-off. Undulating easy run to Severn River Bridge. Short, sharp sections through to Yarra River Bridge. Similar country through to end of Leg 2. The end is at 2.5 km past  pylon No 1078. Clearly signed. MARATHON CHANGE OVER POINT (42 km).

Leg 3 – 21.4 km:

The road closely follows Acheron river with several steep pulls around bluffs to Five Mile stream. It gradually eases and the valley widens as the confluence of the Acheron and Clarence Rivers become visible at Historic Acheron Accommodation House. There are toilets at the Accommodation House. The road descends gently to the Molesworth boundary on the Clarence River Bridge. Clarence River Bridge. Crossing the bridge, the road follows the Clarence River upstream to a gate and there is the of end of leg 3.

Leg 4 – 21.3 km:

The road continues adjacent to the Clarence River, gently climbing towards Jollies Pass and Jacks Pass roads. Continue past the intersection with Jollies Pass Road to Clarence Valley Road and the final mountain. Go up Jacks Pass. One final effort up a steep 2.9 km to the top and Jacks Pass Summit. Road then descends steeply into the outskirts of Hanmer Springs Township. Turn left at end onto Jacks Pass road (opposite camp ground) and then turn into 4th road on left:  Chisholm Crescent. There is a cone on the corner. The finish is in Chisholm Crescent Park. Take a deep breath and lunge over the line. The Race is Over!!! You’ve done it. CONGRATULATIONS on a great effort. 

There is beer, water and soft drink at the finish. Also toilets!

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