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Solo ultra-race:

Solo-eventers begin at 8 am at Molesworth Cob Cottage. These runners must be proven ultra-distance competitors and expect to be able to run the distance in 10 hours. Solo runners should have reached the last transition point by 4 pm. Runners who have not done so, will be encouraged to withdraw. Previous ultra-events and times must be supplied with race entry – time limit is 10 hours. Each solo-entrant needs to have his/her own dedicated support crew and vehicle.

Teams of 2 runners:

Each runner of the team must run a 42 km leg (either lap 1&2 or lap 3&4). Running alternate legs is not an option. The start is at

8 am with the solo eventers.

Teams of 4 runners:

Teams of 4 run an approx 21 km leg each. Teams of 4 start at 9 am.

The teams events will be run under a normal relay format i.e. a runner tags next team member. However, each leg will have a 2-hour period in which a runner has to tag his team mate. If the leg remains uncompleted after 2 hours, the next runner must start. If uncompleted after 3 hrs, the runner will be withdrawn.

Grades will be Open Men, Open Women, Veteran Men, Veteran Women, Business Teams & Mixed Teams.

Mixed teams must have at least 1 member of the opposite sex per team.

The field will be limited to 75 teams and 20 solo eventers.

Race order sheets and waivers are provided in the final mail-out due 1 week before race day. These are to be filled in and given to the start official in at the start. They must list runners’ full names in race order. If we don't know who is running which leg, we cannot compile accurate results!


Our event is run in the ‘High Country’, approx 1000 metres above sea level. Therefore weather patterns can be EXTREME. Severe heat, little shade and limited water, can be encountered or snow and severe frost at any time of the year. Competitors and support vehicles must be equipped to handle these conditions.


As this event is being held inside the “open” period for the Molesworth Station the road may be rough in places – vehicles with low ground clearance may have problems. Vehicles should have adequate spares i.e. fan belts, hoses, fuel and be in reliable condition. There are no fuel (automotive or for humans) supplies available between Blenheim & Hanmer Springs. The road is not suitable for buses.

To reduce congestion and dust (!) we recommend one car per team and one for each solo entrant. There will be traffic going in both directions, so take it slowly and safely. All normal road rules apply.

Rubbish: In short – NONE. Take it in, Take it out – It is pristine country, let’s keep it that way!

Toilets: there are port-a-loos at the start and at changeover #1. There is also a toilet at changeover #2 and in the Acheron Accommodation House. 

Competitors must supply their own support. This means there are no water or food stations. Your team mates are your support and your vehicle is both transport and haven if weather is inclement. Organisers insist that an adequate supply of water and or replacement drinks to be carried. There is emergency water at all changeover points.

A team of 2 ambulance trained personnel is on standby. They carry medical supplies and a defibrillator. They have satellite telephones to communicate with our crew but be aware there is no cellphone reception in the Molesworth Station. If you have a medical condition they need to know about, please do talk to them at the start. Please carry a first-aid kit.

A traffic safety plan is in place. The race and the course management close at 6 pm. The tail-end-Charlie has the authority to withdraw competitors if there is concern about their safety. After that time no responsibility can be taken for competitors who have chosen to stay on the course.

While we do our utmost to organise a safe event, you are participating at your own risk.

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